LogManager          ( Versione italiana)

LOGMANAGER is a software application that can be combined with any existing device designed to identify (scanners) and print bar-codes (printers), created to handle all the aspects regarding the daily management of any warehouse
everyone that:

  • have to optimize and rationalize the assignment of warehouse spaces;
  • have to better employ or reduce the resources working in the warehouse;
  • have to identify the batch numbers for tracking and tracing;
  • have to save money reducing goodses handling times;
  • have to save money and improve their image to their customers, optimizing the delivery of goodeses through the use of bar-codes;
  • have to stop to subordinate the efficiency of the warehouse to the memory of the warehouseman.

How Logmanager can improve warehouse logistics:

1. Every graphic map shows shelvings in plant and front view. In the map you can view the Sector, the Row, the Column, the Floor and the Depth of every location so you can handle both classical stocking and drive in
2. During the stocking procedures it automatically computes: the best location according to ABC principles, the minimum access time to locations, any possible combined operation (loading, put-away, replenishment, transfers), Article/Location or Article Groups/Location Groups associations, the season dependancies of goodses, etc...
3. It automatically computes the missions for wireless terminals, according to the following logics: FIFO / LIFO handling of goodses; picking path optimization; orders groupages with direct ventilation; urgent orders handling; picking correctness, throw bar-code reading; automatic lowerings; order preparation priority; best usage for stock and picking locations, with restoration missions.

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