TrackManager          ( Versione italiana)

The software of choice for tracking, tracing and labelling of food and beverages goodses in MS Windows enviroments

  • created to comply to the European regulation CE 178/2002;
  • thanks to its modularity, it's usable both by small and medium companies;
  • reduces data recording times;
  • increases data accuracy, reduces errors;
  • reduces paper-printed documents;
  • rapidity and precision in the demanded search of the information from the control authorities;
  • integrability with any other software management packages;
  • logistics label printing (SSCC);
  • ease of use thanks to the online manual;
  • rapidity and semplicity of installation.


Il software per la tracciabilità, rintracciabilità ed etichettatura dei prodotti alimentari in ambiente windows 2000/nt/xp

    1. Archives management: articles, customers, suppliers, groups, units of measure.
    2. Articles compositions management.
    3. Phases management: cargo/check-in, working, drainage/shipment.
    4. Automatic batch code management, with possibility of printing for tracking.
    5. Outgoing batch code management for tracing.
    6. EAN128 labels printing, with batch-number, article, expiration date, amount, SSCC.

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